May 30, 2007

The Future is Here...

I know it's been forever since I've written a post on here... well seemingly, anyway. Back in February, I wrote a nice long response to the announcement that Adobe is taking Photoshop online (similar to Google Documents), but blogspot decided that my cookies weren't compatible with my firewall, and when I hit "Save now" before publishing, it logged me out and erased everything! (Apparently they've since implemented an auto-save feature...) Anyway, I was so frustrated that I avoided blogging for a while longer... but now I'm back!
In the vein of my friend Jeremy's blog, I'll probably just use this space to highlight interesting topics and links I find online, although I might sometimes delve into personal issues too... we'll just see how it goes!

The first thing I wanted to highlight is a new technology I recently discovered, called Microsoft Surface. Now I'm not normally a huge proponent for the M$ brand, but I do have to admit that this is unlike anything I've ever seen before. I can't imagine how many restaurants will soon be using this technology (or how much the ones that do will COST), but all that matters to me is that the technology has been invented. Once it's invented, it can go anywhere and competitor companies will pick up the idea (I'm hinting for Apple and Adobe to do something with it!)

The idea behind Microsoft Surface is that it's a 30-inch display table that lets you interact (using just your fingers) with everything from your digital camera to your cell phone to your credit card. You can look up and design interactive road maps, organize your digital photos, and select menu items at a restaurant.

Check out the short videos at this link to see what you think for yourself. Is this futuristic or what?

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