September 25, 2007

North Carolina taxpayer money hard at work

Well unless you avoid all media and can't stand anything to do with sports, you've probably heard by now about the stunning defeat by my alma mater, Appalachian State University, over No. 5 ranked Michigan on Sept. 1st. App beat Michigan, 34-32, in an unprecedented move to become the first Division I FCS (I-AA) team to defeat an Associated Press-ranked Division I FBS (I-A) team ever! This eventually knocked Michigan out of the AP Top 25 Poll (which ASU is not eligible for) and deflated Michigan fans all over the country into becoming the target of many jokes and much ridicule. Especially considering that Michigan University paid Appalachian State a sum of $400,000 to travel up to Ann Arbor for the season opener. Ouch. (To get a recap of the game and read some hilarious comparisons between the schools - such as stadium size - check this article here.)
But now it appears the fans and media aren't the only ones poking fun at Michigan... check out this Senate Joint Resolution from the General Assembly of North Carolina. I'm not sure how many tax dollars this resolution took, but victory sure does feel good to brag about!

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