September 10, 2008

Papa Spuds

So about a week ago, I stumbled upon a local farm co-op website that lets you order their produce by the week! Most co-ops that I have ever heard of require you to join at the beginning of the season and stay committed for the entire spring and summer. But Papa Spuds works a little differently as it's an "online farmer's market," so we decided to give it a try. Tonight we received our first "crop" share and it sure looks yummy! There were a few variances between what I ordered and what I received, which I guess is part of the game due to supply, demand and availability. I ordered Slicing Cucumbers, but unless those aren't all zucchini (which I also ordered), I think they substituted Sweet Baby Lettuce instead. I also learned that ~1 lb. of grapes is actually more like 11 oz., but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt this time. The grapes looked so good that we ate them all up as soon as I could wash them! The Acorn Squash is something I'm pretty excited about trying. I've never cooked one of those before. The two best parts about this whole Papa Spud's deal is that most of the order is organic produce (and the order is completely customizable each week) and also they DELIVER it to your front porch! That's worth QUITE a bit extra in my book. I don't have to drive to 3 grocery stores and then the Farmer's Market looking for organic acorn squash! Hopefully this will force us to "eat our veggies" a little more each week. I guess we'll see!


Carla said...

Acorn squash is good with butter, cinnamon, and sugar!

Holly said...

Yum, that sounds good! Too bad my baby girl ate the whole thing herself (over a few meals of course)! I'm getting another 1-2 tomorrow though, so maybe I can try it myself this week!

Holly said...

UPDATE: Papa Spuds recently started a referral program to know where their new clients come from. So mention my name and/or that you saw this review on my blog, and you'll get 4 extra credits on your order!! (And so will I.)

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